Van Brown ~ Founder

Van Brown grew up in Nassau, Bahamas with his parents and twelve brothers and sisters. His passion for inspiring others in their purpose began in his neighborhood, Bain Town. From an early age, Van looked at the harsh realities of gangs, crime, and drugs around him and simply saw people who hadn’t yet discovered what they were made for.

Years later, another city won Van’s heart. While he was working as a concierge at the world-renowned Atlantis Hotel in Nassau, he met actor Martin Lawrence, who gave him an invitation to a film premiere in Los Angeles. It was on his trip to LA that VAn made up his mind to embark on a new journey to the U.S., where he discovered new, exciting aspects of identity and calling to empower others.

Van’s conviction to use his life for love was confirmed when he returned to the Bahamas to visit his family. Observing the difficult cultural climate around him, he decided it was his purpose to bring radical change to communities in need. Van now serves as founder and president of Celebration of Love, where he uses his life experience to inspire unrealized potential in the impoverished through meaningful relationships and resources.