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Bain Town Revival: “Celebration of Love”, July 24th

By Kimberly King-Burns
Jul 24, 2010 – 12:37:08 PM

Nassau, Bahamas – The entire community is invited to a “Celebration of Love” on Saturday, July 24th at George Brown Park in Bain Town.

Enjoy activities from 11am to 12 midnight, starting with Booth Workshops from 11am to 4pm and Inspirational Talks and Concert from 4pm to 12 midnight.

The event is co-founded by Van Brown and Franco Charles. Van Brown is a Bahamian actor and community activist and is one of the stars of the Bahamian film, Children of God; and Franco Charles is A gifted teacher, preacher, information entrepreneur, motivator and Author of Empowered To Serve and Empowered Leadership.

There will be food and refreshments; bouncing castle; basketball shootout; face painting; raffles; spelling competition; games and more!

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